MITO ATR 75 Maxi Performance E

Automatic self-filling model. 75mm burrs. Auto cooling system with safety stop timer and acoustic alarm.

It has a cooling fan controlled by a temperature sensor. Automatic, is available with 64mm high production burrs and a powerful 1400 rpm motor. The coffee ground temperature is one key for the quality of the coffee ground. For that reason, we have developed MITO ATR 75 maxi Performance E. It has a cooling fan controlled by a temperature sensor and a motor that spins at 900 RPM to reduce heat due for the burrs rotation. Automatic self-filling with 75mm burrs. It is good for medium and high production and the soundproof grinder chamber insure the best acoustic comfort. The silenced grinding chamber ensure the best acoustic comfort to the environment.

Focus on

On demand grinder with 50mm burrs ideal for domestic use or as second grinder.