Mito Smart

On demand model with pre-dose system technology. 64mm high production burrs, touchscreen display and Auto cooling system.

Coffee grinder Pre-dose Mito smart touchscreen

MITO SMART is the coffee grinder that combines the speed of service with the quality of an on-demand grinder.

With its innovative technology is possible to have the advantages of an on-demand grinder, but faster and easier to use.

MITO SMART Automatically recognizes the right portafilter and it automatically supplies the right dose allowing the user to operate the machine with only one hand.
Easy to program thanks to the touchscreen display and the WIZARD programming mode. The wizard programming mode allows to set at the same time the single dose and the double dose.
The Auto cooling system, controlled by a temperature probe, keeps the coffee cool ensuring a better ground quality . The soundproof grinder chamber insure the best acoustic comfort.

Focus on

On demand grinder with 50mm burrs ideal for domestic use or as second grinder.